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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Insurance companies will suck your blood to the last drop

Old capitalistic world can't stop growing evil monsters that need only money from you, lots of money. And money hear means lives. Most of people trade their lives to earn some money. Well trained can trade for more, less talented trade for cheaper. Work a lot every day to have a little joy on a weekend if you're lucky.

One of those joys is a recreational vehicle. Either that motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile everybody has to have an insurance which is mandatory and quite expensive in Canada, probably the most expensive insurance rates are in the province of Ontario. If you don't have an "imaginative" Canadian driving experience you will be ripped off with unbelievable high rates.

Canadian driving experience is the most annoying thing I ever heard so far. Seems like in Canada people drive completely different vehicles or have totally different rules. However it's not true, Canada traffic rules are not more different than described in Vienna Convention on Road Traffic which was ratified by 70 countries to make traffic rules common and driving safe on the roads of participants. 

The only reason this imaginative rule of "Canadian driving experience" exists is only because Canada is the land for hundred thousands immigrants every year. Immigrants have to be educated, healthy and crime free people that will contribute and push forward Canadian economy. At the same time these people become money donors for insurance companies.

You will live here to work not vice versa!