Friday, 28 June 2013

Gold time for entrepreneurs

Yesterday, on June 27, 2013 attending one of the start-up events I heard a phrase from a funder/ investor given from the stage.
- "Now is a perfect time for entrepreneurs. Tons of opportunities. Everything is broken and you have an chance to rethink and fix it."
At the same event I head a story of a new IT business. Business was started a year ago by an undergrad student right after school. Started with a support of some "business accelerator incubator". Recently I heard many stories about new IT businesses. As we all (customers) now live in cyber world, IT businesses are most interesting and funded. Many of these IT businesses are ran by non IT people and maybe this is why their implemented business ideas are garbage. They are alive just because people are so bored that they are eager to try anything new out and spend money. Being an IT guy for almost a decade I feel that 99% of these ideas don't improve or bring any value to our lives, they are just to sell imaginative value that marketers can make customers believe it's there.
Returning to my first sentences I'm asking myself, maybe everything is broken because there shouldn't be such many amateurs that want to make a buck throwing tons of incredible garbage under "Service" sauce into the cyber space?